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Make Customers Happy, Save Money While You’re At It

Like many small businesses, TreadmillPartsZone needed an alternative way to interact with online prospects and customers without devoting maximum resources to purchase and staff 800 services. About 80% of their sales come from individual owners who want to know if they offer a particular part, if its in stock and how long it will take to ship to their home. TreadmillPartsZone’s organic search volume has increased due to Treadmill Parts Zone keywords on sites such as Google, Amazon, e-Bay, i-Offer and e-bid. “I wanted a solution that would enable us to provide immediate contact without being on the phone all … Continue Reading

Increase Online Sales – Just Add LiveChime

Jimmy and John had been seeking a way to provide instant service to both prospects and existing customers who
are part of the rapidly growing number of folks researching and purchasing goods and services online. Many of the
visitors to their site have simple questions that, when answered in real-time, will often convert into a sale. At the
same time, these online consumers have no interest to wait for an email response or even worse in their minds to
pick the phone and be pressured by a salesperson.

Keeping Up with Customer Demands, NetMove Adopts LiveChime

Greg was referred to a live web chat solution at www.livechime.com. He could post a link on all of his web
pages that provide instant access to prospects and customers. Because the link is a simple URL link, it does not
require embedded code or additional tech support. Web site owners can receive chat requests via PC or select
mobile phones. “Believe or not, my customers tell me that the reason they requested a LiveChime chat versus
calling is simple…a majority of them are at the office and can continue to work at the same time,” said Greg.
“The bottom line is that everyone needs … Continue Reading

Gerhard’s Appliances Utilizes LiveChime Capabilities to Increase Home Appliance Sales

Zach Hesse handles Internet Marketing for his family owned appliance and home theatre business in the Philadelphia area. He understands that small businesses must fully engage Internet Marketing to match consumer buying trends. A rapidly growing number of them are researching, purchasing and servicing their goods and services using the net. As part of a website redesign, Zach wanted to provide click-to-call and click-to-chat functionality for prospects and customers. Working with Atomni, a web strategies firm, he launched a new search engine optimization strategy that included no prices listed for items. The concept was to establish a dialogue without an … Continue Reading

Council for Technology Chair on Client Service Needs of IIABA

In her other role as chair for ACT, Treutel is focused on helping the 300,000 member agents of the IIABA to create
and expand their internet marketing using live chat and social media. “About 40 percent of our agents have
websites and many are searching for new consumer facing apps to facilitate client access,” she said. “Some
agents may be fearful that live chat will be just one more duty for themselves and their employees. What’s great
about LiveChime chat is that we can respond to a request in a variety of ways. My team is notified with a pop up
on their computer as … Continue Reading