Make Customers Happy, Save Money While You’re At It

Like many small businesses, TreadmillPartsZone needed an alternative way to interact with online prospects and customers without devoting maximum resources to purchase and staff 800 services. About 80% of their sales come from individual owners who want to know if they offer a particular part, if its in stock and how long it will take to ship to their home. TreadmillPartsZone’s organic search volume has increased due to Treadmill Parts Zone keywords on sites such as Google, Amazon, e-Bay, i-Offer and e-bid. “I wanted a solution that would enable us to provide immediate contact without being on the phone all day,” said the President of the company. “Our peak season is December through January when people focus on fitness for the New Year.” Chats take less time to respond to than a phone call, and each of our people can respond to multiple chats at once regardless of where they are.

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