Small Business Help from a Virtual Assistant

As the owner of a home-based business, you may want small business help but not have a need for a full-time assistant. Or you may need an assistant but lack the funds to afford everyday, in-house help. There is an answer to this problem. A virtual assistant provides small business help–remotely.

What’s a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant is a professional who provides administrative support from his or her own location (often from home). If you hire one, you can arrange for him to provide as little or as much small business help as you need. For example, you may need help for only a couple of hours or just a couple of days each week. You can find a virtual assistant to meet either need. Just need help on an occasional basis? No problem. Some virtual assistants will take occasional assignments as well.

Save Money

When you use a virtual assistant for small business help, you get the assistance you need and an opportunity to save money. Virtual assistants work as independent contractors, which means you sign a contract with one rather than hiring one as an employee. You aren’t responsible for providing any sort of benefits, paying for time off, contributing to unemployment insurance, or even withholding taxes from an independent contractor’s pay. Additionally, you aren’t wasting money paying for things like ordinary downtime and coffee breaks. You pay the virtual assistant only the amount you agree upon per hour or per project–nothing more.

Increase Productivity

How many times has your productivity suffered because of routine tasks that gobble your time. Perhaps you need to concentrate a significant portion of your time on securing new clients, but you’re mired in administrative work that gets in the way. Maybe you’re on the trail of a hot new idea that could dramatically increase your profits, but you cannot flesh it out because your website needs work. Maybe you are being perfectly productive with your business but having to work much longer than expected to do things like schedule appointments and enter data. The work gets done, but time with your loved ones may suffer. Hand over what you can to a virtual assistant and enjoy increased productivity and more free time.

Enjoy Convenience

With a virtual assistant, there’s no need to stick to a nine to five schedule. Get work done when you need it. Jessica Freeman of 911 Virtual Assistant, had this to say about the convenience she offers her clients, “For my clients, the value I add to their business is being able to work unconventional hours. One particular client favors sending emails in the evening and by the morning….viola! the work is completed by me. One of the biggest assets to my clients is being able to bill for just the time they need me. This means they don’t have to pay for 40 hours a week when they may only need 2-3 hours a day.”

How to Use a Virtual Assistant

The ways you can use a virtual assistant are many. Need someone to make or take calls for your business? A virtual assistant can do it. Need data entry or transcription help? Want help with research? Need someone to maintain your website? A virtual assistant can do it. What about presentations? If you need someone to prepare them, rely on a skilled virtual assistant. Sending emails, preparing mailings, building links, arranging your meetings–your virtual assistant can handle it!

Communicating with a Virtual Assistant

This part is pretty easy. You can communicate with your virtual assistant by phone, fax, email, and regular mail. You can even use online meeting technology to get the job done.

What type of small business help do you need for your business? Do you have experience with virtual assistants? Share with us below!

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